May 30 – June 28, 2019

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

The New Ephesus started in a physical place – New York City as compared to ancient Ephesus. One a living city the other abandoned. Both cities were founded on trade and commerce. New York was founded by the Dutch, Ephesus by the Ionians. But The New Ephesus has ended up not being a place but an ideal. The New Ephesus, like the subject of time in New York, is relative.

The New Ephesus is found in the daily relationships and in a Facebook post. It is found in the meals we share with other people both cooked ourselves and prepared by others. The New Ephesus is found in the places we occupy sharing time with the people we are sharing time with, the paintings are remnants of paths questioned and ideas hashed out. The New Ephesus is like most things in life that are worthwhile, ephemeral. Like a good conversation with an old friend, it’s only here for a moment, gone the next, like the buildings in New York’s skyline, always changing.

Opening Reception: May 30, 6-8 PM

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